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Let the power of programs work for you


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The program market space is estimated by multiple industry sources to be between $25B-$30B in premium.

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There are over 2,000 distinct programs operating in the segment that are  managed by nearly 1,000 program administrators.

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The composite combined ratio over the past ten years is 7 points better than the overall industry results with higher retention ratios and growth rates.


Like many other businesses today the insurance industry is evolving and moving towards greater customization and specialization in both product and distribution. 


There is nothing in the insurance industry that is more customized or specialized than a program.  Developing and managing a proprietary program will provide you with a unique product offering, that will better position you to be successful long term. 


With nearly thirty years in the insurance industry and two decades of experience in the program market space we have the unique advantage of having been on both sides of the table.  We have set up, managed and harvested programs as program administrators, but also have worked for a major insurance carrier in developing new and managing existing programs. 

From initial program concept through all facets of program development and operation we can help you improve your business.  Let our diverse experience help light the way for you along the path in optimizing your program opportunity for today and tomorrow.


Our six step process utilizes a proven systematic approach to program development

Concept Evaluation
Every  program starts as an idea but not every idea can become a program.   An initial concept review is critical to determining a realistic course of action.
Proposal Creation
After a concept has been vetted a deep dive analysis of the business segment along with all aspects of the potential program are evaluated and a program marketing proposal along with a more complex program submission are created.
With a program proposal created we then seek out, evaluate interest and have discussions with potential program carriers.  We act as your liaison to the program carrier marketplace seeking to best align program carrier needs with the unique needs of your program.
Due Dilli​gence
Once carrier interest is established we move into one of the most challenging phases of the program development process.  During this phase we work with you to address inquiries from the carriers and prepare for carrier due diligence meetings which often include operational, financial, claims and underwriting audits 
Implementing a new program is exciting but can also be frustrating if expectations and responsibilities are not properly established and managed.   We understand the importance of getting a new program up and running and work to bring alignment of  accountabilities and expectations of the various stakeholders.
Perhaps the most important and least understood phase in a program life cycle.  All successful programs must continue to evolve and improve over time.  As market dynamics and carrier relationships change so too must the program.   We are here to help with anticipating, managing and favorably leveraging change to position your program for long term success.


The Program Consulting Group, LLC is a business consulting and program intermediary firm focused on providing retail agents, program administrators and insurance carriers with a full suite of support services to help companies optimize opportunities in all phases of the program life cycle.

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If you are a program administrator that would like to improve an existing program or develop a new program, we are here to help.


If you are an insurance agency with a specialized book of business in excess of $1M in written premium and are wondering if you can turn it into a program, we are here to help.


If you are an insurance carrier considering expanding into the program market place, we are here to help.  


For any inquiries, please call or email us:


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